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SHENZHEN TEYELEEC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD established in 2015, located in Pearl River Delta Region -- Shenzhen City, GuangDong Province, China, is focusing on various video lights for photography and Vlog marketing area. We provides one-step solution from ID design, R&D, manufacturing and transportation.


This is the brand era, more and more companies began to make his centenary brand, in the path to centennial dream of the roads, brand crisis will undoubtedly become one of the biggest obstacles. We starts building the brand too. SHENZHEN TEYELEEC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has own brand called Teyeleec. The brand Teyeleec is not only the mainland China brand under 17467766 register number (Succeed on September 14th, 2016), but also the American brand under 4957451 register number (Succeed on May 16th, 2016). We’ll make this brand world-widely in the future. We’ll build our brand empire gradually.

Here is our current product line:

1.Aluminum Alloy LED Light such as TA77, TA96, TA112, TA120, TA180, TA180C, etc.

2.Aluminum Alloy RGB/Colorful Light such as TC97A-RGB, TC120AC-RGB, TC135A-RGB, TC150AR-RGB, TC190AM-RGB, TC190A-RGB, TC316A-RGB, etc.

3.RGB/Colorful Light such as TC50-RGB, TC60-RGB, etc.

4.Ring Fill Light such as TR360; TR6; TR8; TR10; TR12; TR14; TR18; TR21, etc.

5.Ordinary LED Light such as TL40; TL49C; TL80; TL81; TL104B; TL120C; TL120; TL168; TL288; TL416; TL520, etc.

6.Novelty Light such as TC316A-RGB; TC150AR-RGB, etc.

7.Accessories such as Tripod (TT001; TT002; TT100; TT50; TT150; TT200, etc); Tripod Ball Head, Clip & Bracket and Others.

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What we can offer?

1. Good price: We professionally manufacture electronic-related items in China for over 10 years. Our price is quite competitive.

2. Good quality: We always regard quality on prior position. We have strict examine procedure from the raw material to goods storage in warehouse.

3. Good warranty: We offer one-year free warranty service for all products.

4. OEM & ODM service: We provide the service from ID design, R&D, manufacturing and transportation. We take OEM and ODM orders too.

We adhere to the enterprise concept of "serve every customer with heart" and we’ll do our best to serve every customer wholeheartedly!