• Post time: May-08-2021

    Compared with the use of reflectors, professional-grade fill light can fully control the power output and angle (even the color), and has higher maneuverability. Just adjust the power of the fill light to change the contrast of shadows, highlights and midtones You still need to start by setting t...Read more »

  • Why does studio lighting need a professional lighting designer?
    Post time: Apr-22-2021

    Studio lighting is an important part of the studio system. The studio lighting determines the image and shooting effect of the characters. A good studio lighting design plan will beautify the image of the character, allowing the host to obtain a dignified, beautiful and generous character image t...Read more »

  • Several ways to use studio lighting
    Post time: Apr-13-2021

    Main light source The main light is the main light that illuminates the model in studio portrait photography and shapes the image of the character. The main light determines the distribution of the bright and dark areas of the character as a whole. Whether it is soft light or hard light, the main...Read more »

  • LED lighting development
    Post time: Apr-02-2021

    Nowadays, lighting control systems are becoming more and more automated and intelligent. Smart homes and smart hardware are booming nowadays. Intelligent products are emerging in endlessly. The smart life portrayed to mass consumers is gradually entering the living room with LED lighting bulbs. U...Read more »

  • Tips for Buying LED Lights for Video
    Post time: Mar-17-2021

    LED lights are bright, energy-efficient alternatives to normal bulbs. LED lights aren’t just great for lighting your home; they’re great for lighting video shoots as well. As great as they are, there are a few things you should know before running out and buying LEDs. Th...Read more »

    Post time: Mar-09-2021

    Need to Know How Many Lights You Actually Need   Piggybacking off of the type of lights, we’ll break down how to determine the number of lights to have on set. As you’ll see mentioned throughout this guide, all these decisions ultimately come down to what is best for your production. Using o...Read more »

  • Types of Studio Lights
    Post time: Feb-26-2021

    Lighting is one of the single most important aspects of any video production. If you’re shooting something like a news report and viewers are looking at an image that’s either way too dark or way too bright, you’ll just annoy your audience instead of pulling them into the story being read even i...Read more »

  • Teach you how to arrange studio lighting
    Post time: Feb-24-2021

    How to set up light is an important part of the studio lighting. The studio also has great requirements for lighting during the shooting process. Professional lighting engineers can debug and beautify the lighting to achieve a better picture effect. Today, I will let you know about the lighting a...Read more »

    Post time: Jan-25-2021

    When it comes to video productions, lighting is just as important as the audio and camera focus. If you don’t take the time to properly set up your lighting equipment, it can have a big impact on the overall quality of the final product. Knowing how lighting affects video recordings will help you...Read more »

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