The types of photography lights can be roughly divided into:

Tri-color cold light, LED light, halogen light, spotlight, flash, stage light, outdoor shooting light, news light, dysprosium light.
1. Three-color cold light: accurate color temperature, cold light source, mainly used in studios and conference rooms.
2, LED lamps: energy saving, long life.
3. Halogen lamps: traditional lamps, thermal light sources.
4. Spotlight: mainly used for stage and studio.
5. Flash: Stage.
6. Stage lights: There are many types, which can create a stage atmosphere.
7. Outdoor shooting light: easy to carry, suitable for temporary shooting.
8. News light: It is necessary for photography enthusiasts and journalists. It is easy to carry, light in size and strong in practicability.
9. Dysprosium lamp: used in film and television production.
For senior players, photography light is an indispensable photography equipment, which is very useful in many occasions. In fact, photography lights are a very important equipment in shooting, especially in outdoor scenes at night, such as barbecues and camping, photography lights are indispensable and important equipment. With video lights, you can expand the range of use of digital cameras without being limited by light.

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