3 innovative fill light methods for ring live fill light!

1 Live Lighting
How to use It is super simple, just put the light directly in front of the subject and the camera will shoot in the center of the light circle. If you have a mobile phone, then this light comes with a mobile phone holder.
The special structure of the ring light makes it a video image shot with a light source with its own softbox. Often the light is uniform and the shadows are very small, which is very popular among beauty live broadcasters.
If you wear glasses with this kind of light, the reflection of the light is prone to occur. So we try not to wear glasses, just wear a cosmetic contact lens or invisible. The most important thing is that the ring-shaped light is projected in the human eye. There will be a beautiful eye light, which will make the eyes more energetic.

2. Product still life
This type of light is also great for shooting some out-of-the-box reviews, or small videos of product demonstrations. Of course, if you are a food blogger, you can also photograph your operation process. The way of fill light is the same as other lights. My favorite is a top light, and then a front side light. This universal lighting method is very good. . That is, when we are shooting overhead, the lens can shoot directly from the center of the ring light. You can also block it if needed to control its lighting range.


3. Macro photography
The characteristic of macro photography is that when we shoot with a macro lens, we need to get close to the subject we are shooting, so it is very difficult to set the light, and it is easy to be blocked by the lens. Through the lighting of the ring light, the lens can be directly inserted into the ring light, so there is no need to worry about some problems of lighting.

Which is better than the effect of fill light and flash?

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