How to use the fill light effectively?

Now beauty cameras, PS, etc. can let us make the real objects more beautiful. The software is no longer enough to meet our needs, so when people take pictures, they always like to use the fill light to make up for the real objects in the process of taking pictures. its own shortcomings.
Fill light, to put it bluntly, is the effect of fill light. Many times, due to the problem of light, we will find that the photos we take are not good-looking, and we can’t get the feeling we want, so the fill light makes up for it. This deficiency.
But after having the fill light, many people don’t know much about the fill light, so sometimes the effect of the shot is not satisfactory, and the type of fill light will also affect the effect you take, so how to use the fill light? Lights to get the effect you want?

Getting Started: Two-Color Ease of Use
For those who have just used the fill light, they may not understand dimming very well, and the brightness of the light is not in place, so it is not suitable for the use of too complicated fill light. You can start with the two-color first to get familiar with it. Generally speaking, if the two-color ones are not live broadcast or shooting, selfies are enough.
The built-in cold and warm light tones are easy to adjust, and you do not need to rely on color-changing films to achieve the effect of filling light. The integrated soft aperture makes the light more uniform, and the external diffuser makes the light softer and reduces the impact on the eyes. damage and make the shooting process happier.

Familiar: three-color multi-choice
The three-color fill light is very suitable for those in the live broadcast industry. Outdoor and indoor live broadcasts, the difference in light is very large. If the light is not in place, it will expose the shortcomings of the body. The requirements are a bit harsher, and you need to achieve 360 ​​degrees without dead ends.
Professional photography three-color ring light tube, the lighting can be arranged according to the needs, when shooting people or objects, it can form a dot or circle aperture effect, high brightness, soft light, standard 5500k color temperature, so that the color temperature of the picture is balanced and restore the color. Its own color, no color cast, no shadow, and the fill light effect is more uniform.

Master level: virtual image becomes real

There are also many friends who need the fill light not only for selfies, such as shooting in this industry, although the pictures taken by the camera are very clear, but sometimes they are not good-looking enough, there is still a gap between the real object and the picture, and there may also be a real object itself. The color is not good-looking and needs a fill light to make up for it.

Two-way dimming means that the brightness of the two light panels can be adjusted separately, which greatly enhances the flexibility of lighting, which is convenient for photographers to produce bright and dark three-dimensional light, and the effect is better. The light on both sides of the light and dark makes the photographed products have a strong sense of contrast, the layers are more distinct, and the details are more obvious!


Ashes: The blockbuster visual sense

The color of the fill light mentioned above is relatively small. This fill light has seven or eight colors. This fill light is suitable for those who want to shoot large films, usually posters or magazines. Changeable colors make your photos more stylish and more effective than makeup.

Comes with 360 colors, use light at will, create light according to the environment, use light more boldly and casually, contrast colors, approximate colors, and use color matching to impact visual effects. You can set the light conversion frequency at will, and the color of various lights can be dynamically changed in a cycle like a cloud, and the light can be flashed like a flash, and the time interval can be set at will.

There are also different types of fill lights. After reading the previous introduction, you should be a little at a loss. Don’t think that fill lights are only used by people in studios or live broadcasts. In fact, our daily selfies now have fill lights. After the light, the effect is greatly doubled, and the current fill light can be carried with you, which is very convenient.

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