Several ways to use studio lighting

Main light source

The main light is the main light that illuminates the model in studio portrait photography and shapes the image of the character. The main light determines the distribution of the bright and dark areas of the character as a whole. Whether it is soft light or hard light, the main light has relatively strong directivity. , Its light position determines the light effect of the photo. Therefore, the position of the main light or even a small change in the distance from the model may affect the sunlight of the photo and even the overall effect. In the lighting link, the main light is the priority factor, and the auxiliary light Keep the tone of the main light consistent. In most portrait portraits, the main light is served by a soft box. The soft light phase and the hard light are more uniform and easy to control.

XK-70D Main (1)

Auxiliary light

As the name implies, the auxiliary light is a light source that fills the dark or shadow parts of the picture. Its existence maintains the balance of the light in the picture and avoids excessive contrast. The brightness ratio of the main light and the auxiliary light is called the light ratio. The brighter the auxiliary light, the smaller the light ratio of the picture.

The irradiation direction of the auxiliary light is mostly near the axis of the digital SLR camera, so as to avoid the large deviation of the irradiation angle from the main light, causing the screen to produce a messy projection. The auxiliary light is mostly soft light, so as to fill the light evenly.

Effect light

The main function of the effect light is to emphasize the theme, modify the human body or conceal the flaws. The contour light can better highlight the figure’s body, generally from 150 degrees to 170 degrees of the side reverse direction projection, so as to be on the edges of the character’s hair, face, The shoulders and square stems form a bright contour line than the use of corridor light and other effect lights can highlight the characters more effectively and increase the artistic expression of the photo.

Background light

The light source that the background light is used to illuminate the background alone is called the background light. The role of the background light is to separate the touch from the background, so as to better express and highlight the characters, and increase the three-dimensional sense of the picture. The background light only illuminates the background. One or more flashes alone complete the task of creating a night scene light. The background light can control the brightness of the background. According to the shooting needs, the background light can be soft light or hard light. Soft light is mostly used to create a more pure brightness The background, and the hard light is mostly used to create a stylish and avant-garde background. In order to set the background light, the model must keep a certain distance from the background when lighting. The background light should be beneficial to laugh out the image of the subject, and to refine the background, thereby increasing The picture is appealing.

Light ratio

In studio portrait photography, two flashes or flashes plus a number of reflectors are often used. Therefore, there is often a significant difference between the light intensity of the bright and dark sides of the person. The light of the bright side and the dark side of the person The ratio of the intensity becomes the light ratio. The control of the light ratio can create a variety of effects when shooting. Common light ratios are 1:1, 1:2, and 1:4. You can use the light meter after the lighting is completed. Easily measure the different light-receiving surfaces of the model. When the light is smaller than the light, the light angle is flat, which is helpful for shooting feminine soft subjects; when the light is larger, the three-dimensional sense of the characters is stronger and it is advantageous to express the specific themes of male characters and women with specific styles Portrait photos.

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