Teyeleec First Annual Photographic Video-making Campaign Detail Activity Program

Activity Theme

Teyeleec First Annual Photographic Video-making Campaign


Activity Background

Even though the brand Teyeleec is registered in 2015, honestly we haven’t seriously run this brand before. We all know the difficulties to make a brand well known. There is a famous Chinese says goes “Three cobblers combined makes a genius mind”, which occurs to us that we should combined all the wisdom together. We can offer you our product samples, and after you test it, and it proves quality great, then you can make a video to share it with your friends and family.


Activity Purpose

At the end of year 2020, in order to forget how lonely we all are as human being, to appreciate the life we have no matter how severe the current worldwide situation is, to cherish the friendship we still have, mostly importantly, to expand the Teyeleec’s brand awareness.


Activity Organizer



Activity Date

From December 1st 2020 to February 28th 2021.


Activity Participants

There is no limitation, this is a world-widely campaign, everyone and anyone can attend it. But since you have to make a video, if you have high volume of social media such Facebook, YouTube, twitter, we will think it as a priority.


Activity Implementation

• First, the participant has to send us an email (info@teyeleec.com), briefly introduce about himself/herself with his/her current social media’s links.

• Second, the participant has to explain and persuade why we have to send free sample to him/her? And how are you going to introduce our brand and item? 

• Third, the participant has to tell us his/her current shipping address with the full name and phone number.

• Four, after we consider the participant is qualified, we’ll send our sample within 3 days, after the participant receive the item, the participant have to finish making video within 7 days.

• Five, after we receive the video, if it’s not qualified, the participant can’t post on the internet and has to make video again and again until it get approved by Teyeleec. The participant can make video under any language except Chinese.


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