Teyeleec TC316A-RGB New Style Fold-able RGB LED Light Get Released!

A famous poetry said “The dark night has given me a pair of black eyes,but I use them to find the light”. Obviously, light is always an essential in our daily life. There are various lights under different usage. Some used for house decoration, some used for street, some used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking. While night fell, the sun is setting, and the day is ending. We can take out a Teyeleec TC316A-RGB used for Vlogger, photographers and photographic fans. The dual LED Video Lights are connected with a hinge, both can be folded and swivel for multi-direction. So we can simply just play with it as a relax tool. 


As we all known, in the current market, the LED light panel is getting more and more popular, because of the COVID-19 situation, various Led Video Light is used for Laptop Video Conferencing, Zoom Calls, Self Broadcasting, Live Streaming and online teaching! While we participate these activities, as a normal human being, we want it look beautiful which demand the LED light’s color rendering to be high. For TC316A-RGB, it can reach 2960Lux@0.5m ,Hue adjustable from 0 degree -360 degree; Color Saturation adjustable from 0-100, CRI>97, TLCI>96 Brightness from 0%-100% dim-able; Color temperature from 2600K(warm) to 12000K(cold). OLED display offers accurate readings and easy to operate with the buttons/knobs.


We are pursuing creativity! This is a new generation of all-aluminum body fold-able RGB photography light with exquisite and compact design and easy operation. With 360 colors and 100-level saturation adjustment and dual-color temperature lamp beads, the fold-able RGB photography light offers various colors and scenes.


Nowadays the COVID-19 situation is still severe, many companies still can’t work at office, therefore, home work become a choice. With the TC316A-RGB LED video light at hand, we all hope that you can find it amazing and surprising, and you’ll always be positive about the future and there is no doubt that everyone is willing to have Teyeleec TC316A-RGB at hand! No matter what this world will be, we still have light at heart !

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