All the photographers know the importance of light to photos, indoor shooting needs to have good-looking light, in order to make the photos have a quality effect. Whether it is taking photos or videos, light is the dominant player in the picture, and light and shadow create images.

For portrait photography, there are four types of light directions: forward light, (positive) backlight, side light, and side backlight.


1、Forward light:

Good light will make our characters’ shapes, expressions, etc. clearer. When the model’s face is facing the sun. The light on the face taken at this time is more even.

Disadvantages: The face will appear relatively flat, lacking a sense of three-dimensionality, and the blemishes of the character’s face are easy to be enlarged.



Usually when we take backlit photos, we choose the afternoon or sunset when outdoors. When shooting, the model’s clothing will be lighter in color, and the camera, model, and sunlight will be connected in a line, and the camera is facing the light source. At this time, the light ratio (refers to the dark side and the bright side of the subject under the lighting environment The light-receiving ratio) is the strongest.

Usually the outer contour of the model will have a luminous effect, but the model itself will be darker, so it is often necessary to use a reflector to fill the character to make the character appear. Of course, at this time, if the light conditions permit, you can also choose to shoot the silhouette of the person, so that the light outlines the curve of the portrait.


3、Side light

In cloudy mood movies, side-lighting is often used to highlight facial emotions. At this time, the light is softer and at the same time enhances the contrast between light and dark, which is conducive to expressing the emotions of the characters through the photos.


4、Side backlight

Side Backlight must be mastered, because when strong light enters the lens, poor control will greatly reduce the picture quality and lose the beauty. There are three main points in the use of forward and back light: the choice of shooting time, the choice of the color of the model’s clothes, and the fill light of the characters.


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