What is the difference between flash and photography light commonly used in studio shooting

Both the flash and the photography light are a kind of supplementary light equipment, which can ensure the clear and bright picture in the dark, especially when shooting outdoors, they can also be used as an auxiliary light source to emphasize the color of the subject. Then, what is the difference between the commonly used flash and photography light in studio shooting can be analyzed from the following three aspects:


1. Brightness

The flashlight stores high-voltage electricity through the capacitor, and the pulse trigger discharges the flash tube to complete an instant flash. Especially in dark places, the flashlight helps to make the scene brighter. Brighter. In contrast, photography lights have low brightness and high self-heating. Photography lights can also create different color temperature environments through color chips to meet the shooting needs of different scenes.

2. Color temperature

The color temperature of the flash is about 5500K, which is close to the color temperature under the sunlight during the day, and the luminous nature is cold light. The color temperature of the camera lamp is low when it is turned on, and the normal brightness can be reached after each switch has a warm-up time. At present, the color temperature of most photography lights can also reach 3200K-5600K.

3. Subject

The camera flash can use a smaller aperture and faster speed, but it is not suitable for taking pictures of infants and young children, because the light is more dazzling, and the light and shadow effects are not suitable for control; use the photography light to fill the light, although the camera cannot reach the small aperture and faster speed , But very suitable for people shooting, such as photo studio wedding photography, infants and young children, the light is soft and not dazzling, and you can directly see the light and shadow effects, to achieve the effect of what you see is what you get.

In general, flash and photography lights are equally common in daily shooting. The choice should be based on the actual situation. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to use photography lights, because you can see the light and shadow effects directly, and you don’t need to look like a flash. In that way, it takes many adjustments to get a satisfactory light source, so the photography light does not have high technical requirements for the photographer, and it is relatively easy to shoot satisfactory works!

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