Which of the LED fill light or flash has better shooting effect?

There are many types of photography lights, such as flashes and led fill lights that are commonly used by everyone. In daily photography, which LED fill light or flash has better shooting effect? ​​In this issue, the editor will introduce the categories, advantages and disadvantages of the two types of photography fill lights through comparison, so that everyone can have a better understanding of these two types of photography lights. With a thorough understanding, you can choose more suitable photography lights in the shooting creation.


For many digital camcorder beginners, the photography light seems to be a redundant and useless device, so when purchasing digital camera photography equipment accessories, they are often ignored! In recent years, with more and more types of photography lights on the market, and smaller and smaller sizes, photography lights have become an indispensable photographic lighting equipment for photography enthusiasts.

The role of the photography light in many occasions is very large, it is a very important photographic equipment in shooting, especially in the outdoor shooting scene at night, by supplementing the light source, it is not limited by the light, and the shot is more perfect. Photo! And the photography light that is convenient to carry at night can also be used as lighting, such as barbecue, camping and other occasions!

First, let’s talk about the flash. The most common type of flash is the hot-shoe flash on the camera. Of course, the cylindrical studio light hidden in the light box when you take ID photos is also a flash. Flash is the most commonly used lighting fixture in wedding photography and portrait photography in photo studios. One of their common points is also the biggest difference from the constant light, that is, the power is much larger and the color temperature deviation is small.

After reading the flash, let’s talk about the LED fill light. This is a constant light. The luminous body is designed to use high-brightness LED beads or integrated LED patches, as the main light source, LED fill light The biggest feature of the lamp is that it has a WYSIWYG lighting effect; it is easy to operate and has a wide range of versatility. Still life, close-up portraits, live lighting, video recording, stage lighting and other shooting scenes are completely fine, as long as you I think they can be used to fill light in dim scenes. The key is that they are cheap. They can be said to be an ideal partner for daily photography lighting!

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