Why does studio lighting need a professional lighting designer?

Studio lighting is an important part of the studio system. The studio lighting determines the image and shooting effect of the characters. A good studio lighting design plan will beautify the image of the character, allowing the host to obtain a dignified, beautiful and generous character image through image packaging and lighting styling. If you want to achieve the desired effect, you can only rely on your own exploration. It is time-consuming to look up information on the Internet. , In the end, there may be a series of problems such as uneven lighting, darkening of the host’s face, and poor shooting effects.

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In the early stage, the lighting designer will fully understand the user’s site situation, the overall area of ​​the site, the height of the floor, the specific shooting characters, etc., and then according to the actual situation of the user, from the practical function, technical safety, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance , Economic and practical considerations, etc., so as to better serve the studio. In the studio lighting design, these points are mainly considered:

1. The location of the lamps

The change of the position of the studio lamps will also affect the overall shooting effect. For example, when the surface light is parallel to the camera, the shape in the shooting picture will not appear so three-dimensional and relatively flat, so that the small spots and wrinkles on the host’s face can be erased; if the surface light is raised High, there will be shadows on the eyes, nose, and jaw of the host’s face. Appropriate shadows can enhance the character’s texture, but if there are too many shadows, the lower part of the host’s head will be covered by shadows.

2. The choice of color temperature

There are three types of color temperature, 3200K, 4000K, and 5600K. However, the specific color temperature selection should be a place where many people are more entangled. If the color temperature is not selected correctly, the shooting effect will be greatly reduced. The lighting designer generally depends on the level of the user’s site. High, specific uses are considered. Conventional news interview studios use 3200K color temperature, virtual studios or high-definition studios will use 5600K color temperature, but this is not absolute, it needs to be specific according to the actual situation. To choose.

3. Model selection and installation of lamps

Generally, the lighting engineer will conduct a comprehensive evaluation according to the user’s actual budget and what kind of effect can be achieved within this budget, and recommend a lamp model that meets the needs. The user does not have to worry about which model to choose, which saves time and Save effort. The second is the installation of lamps. The designer will also recommend suitable installation methods according to the height of the floor. For example, 2.8-3 meters will give priority to the hanging lamp bracket installation, and the 3-3.3 meters will give priority to the grape rack installation. The track installation is preferred for those above 3.3 meters.


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